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About Us

Playful and Fun

Your child’s early years are the most important time in their life to let loose and have as much fun as they can. Our job at Giddybees is to make this easy!  Our inspiration is a toddler’s smile and a baby’s laughter and we’re committed to providing the most comfortable and fun children’s clothing on the market.  Above all else, we want to bring a little more sweetness to loving families and take part in the childhoods of kids everywhere. Our fun apparel and accessories are tailored to suit all children – and all caring parents!

Collections Your Kids Will Love

Our creative brand focuses on showcasing the giddy and silly side of your child through a variety of fun products ranging from adorable tees, to high-quality backpacks, warm and comfortable sweaters, and even custom jewelry that will truly show your child’s unique personality.  In addition to everyday wear, Giddybees also has an extensive outlet for celebrations like birthdays, Mother’s Day, and back-to-school. Of course, no clothing company would be complete without distinct holiday wear as well! Deck out your whole family in matching Christmas sweaters for that family picture or playful outfits for Halloween! Our clothes are made with precision and care and will always look fantastic for any occasion.

 Serving Families Worldwide

We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of customer service and establishing a long-lasting relationship with our customers. As a small company looking to expand, the bonds we build with our customers are our most important focus and we will always ensure that you and your family’s needs are taken care of.  Our attention to detail, both in our products and in our customer relations, will keep you assured that you’ve made the right decision.  Building our brand responsibly through gaining your trust and giving you the best clothing possible is our ultimate mission!

Your child’s infancy is the most important part of their lives and we are committed to help you give them the best childhood possible.  We take great pride in knowing that we’re contributing to happy families all over the globe and we won’t stop until we’ve shown everyone what we can do.

 Our Inspiration is Our Mission

Seeing kids and families happy together is what guides us to constantly provide the best service we can. With all the curve balls life can throw our way, knowing that our families are comfortable, happy, and healthy is the best piece of mind we can give to ourselves. Giddybees is committed to recreating that feeling for you with everything we make.  Life isn’t always about the difficult parts – it’s important to celebrate the lighter side as much as you can! It’s time for you and your family to Get Happy, Get Silly, Get Giddy!

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