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Christmas Family Games

October 28, 2020 8 min read

Christmas Family Games

Are you looking for family-friendly Christmas games to make the holidays more fun and festive? We’ve gathered some of our favourite tried and true family Christmas games that are interactive, inclusive for people of all ages, and super fun for the whole family. We hope you love them as much as we do! 

Before jumping straight into the games, here are some considerations for picking the best family Christmas games that are right for your family. 

Make It About Inclusion

First, remember that picking the perfect kid-friendly, interactive Christmas games that are fun for people of all ages should be about bringing your family together. You may have some very competitive members in your household, and that’s okay! But if you want to choose the best Christmas games for quality family bonding, setting the right tone is important. That’s why we recommend prioritizing fun and inclusion over winning.

Team activities work particularly well for Christmas family games. If you have a very wide age range in your family, modify the rules as needed and try to pair the youngest kids with adults who will make them feel a part of the activity. The more that the adults engage with the small children by asking them questions and seeking their input, the more the little ones will feel a part of the action. This is a great opportunity to bond and make your little ones feel special! 

Just remember: The goal of a good Christmas family game should always be to make your family feel more connected!

Consider If You Want To Have Prizes

Decide in advance: Do you want to have prizes? Not every game requires prizes, so this is a personal choice. It can be nice to emphasize the fun of playing the game itself, rather than the goal of winning something. However, this can also be an opportunity to get creative with prizes. For example, you might have small prizes for everyone but something a little extra for the winning team or individual. Or the prize could be a shared experience for everyone, like a tasty holiday treat. Or maybe the end of a game should result in everyone opening a special pre-planned gift, like matching Christmas Family Shirts!

Tried & True Family Christmas Games

Christmas Pictionary 

If you’ve ever played Pictionary, you’re going to love Christmas-themed Pictionary! And if this is your first time playing, you’re in for a treat! The guessing part of this game is fun and full of laughter for people of all ages, though the drawing part of the game is a little more challenging for young children. If you have very little ones, you might make them official “guessers” and have them skip the drawing part. 

Preparing the Game

For this game, you simply need two pads of paper (one for each team), something to draw with, prompt cards that you prepare in advance, and some sort of timer. 

We like to play two versions of this game: Christmas Songs or Christmas Movies.

Prepare the cards in advance by writing down one Christmas song or Christmas movie title on each card. Write as many as you can think of, one on each card, and then mix up the cards. 

How To Play

Break your family into two teams. If you have a very large family, you might decide to break into three or more teams with additional pads of paper and pencils.

Select one person from each team to be your “picturist” for the first word. This is the person who will try to draw pictures illustrating the song or movie for your team to guess. The picturist is allowed to draw but not write any words or numbers and they should be silent while they draw. Everyone else on the team will try to guess the answer!

Some people like to alternate teams but we like for both teams to play at the same time. Let both teams’ picturists see the card and give them five seconds to think about it before they each start drawing. 

Then, set the timer for 60 seconds and let the drawing begin! The picturists will have one full minute to draw while their teams try to decipher the illustration and guess the name of the song or movie. Kids love to guess as much as adults! 

The first team to guess correctly wins the round. Players on each team should then take turns as the picturist for every round, except for very small children who can be the official guessers. The guessing of Christmas games and movies will have your family feeling fun and festive in no time!

Christmas Charades

Christmas Charades works almost exactly the same way as Christmas Pictionary except that instead of drawing what’s on the cards, you act out what’s on the cards! For charades, it usually works better to have teams alternate turns rather than to play at the same time, but you can be flexible and adapt both games to your family’s preferences. 

Charades is a classic game for a reason! It’s absolutely hilarious to watch people act out their interpretations of Christmas lyrics and movies. Just remember, the person acting out the dramatizations has to stay quiet! 

Christmas Headbands

As you can see from our choices so far, we love a good guessing game! Christmas Headbands is another kind of guessing game, this time with a “Who Am I?” theme. 

Preparing the Game

For this game, you should prepare character cards in advance. They can be on regular paper or if you’d like to create a more durable game to play annually, choose sturdy cardstock. On each card, write a Christmas character like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Scrooge, Santa Claus, the Grinch, or any other characters that your family might recognize from favourite Christmas stories and movies. For example, if your family watches A Muppet Christmas Carol each year, then you might decide to include Muppet characters, or for A Charlie Brown Christmas, different Peanuts characters, etc. Considering your family’s familiarity with certain stories will make the game more personalized and fun for your family.  

Other than the cards, the only other thing you’ll need is loops of elastic that will fit around each of the player’s heads. 

How To Play

Mix up the cards and place them face down on the table. Without looking, each player takes a card from the stack and tucks it into their elastic headband facing outwards so that everyone else can see their card. No peeking! You should never see your own card. 

Starting with the youngest player and proceeding clockwise around the room, each player asks a question about the character listed on their card. The idea is to try to ask questions that will prompt helpful yes or no answers. You want to try to ask the best questions that will help you guess the character on your own card. For example, you might ask: Am I an animal? Do I like the cold? Do I have a red nose? Etc. 

The other players should only answer with yes or no, so the more specific your questions, the more useful the yes or no answers will be! 

When a player feels confident that they know their character, they can guess on their turn. But if they guess and they’re incorrect, that will count as their turn. They won’t get to ask another question or make another guess until the next round so no one should try to guess too soon!  

The first person to guess the character on their own card is the winner of that round but you can keep going until each player has guessed their character. This is a fun one, and the more characters you can add, the better! 

Christmas Alphabet Game

This is a simple game that doesn’t require any props but it’s a favourite of ours! Variations of this game are also very fun to play on road trips. 

The goal is to go through the alphabet with one person at a time thinking of a festive Christmas object or reference to coincide with every letter in the alphabet. When you play this for Christmas, everything should relate to the holidays, but you can play variations of this game with other themes. For example, picking countries of the world, foods, animals, etc. But for now, let’s stick with Christmas.

Starting with the youngest member of your family, the first person should think of something Christmassy that starts with the letter A, like apple strudel. From there, every member of your family takes a turn, moving on to B, C, D, etc. and eventually starting back with the first person of the group. The goal is to get all the way through the alphabet, but of course some letters will be harder than others! 

What’s also fun is that sometimes people have to justify why they picked something and how it relates to Christmas. With the apple strudel example above, not everyone will associate it with Christmas, so you can question them on their answer. If they come up with a good justification, like how apple strudel is mentioned in The Sound of Music, which is often shown around Christmas, then they get a pass. If they can’t come up with a good reason for the association to Christmas, they have to come up with another idea or pass it to the next person. 

If someone gets stuck and can’t think of a Christmas item, they can pass. In the non-competitive version of the game, they can have a turn the next time that the round returns to them, which is how we prefer to play. But if you’re feeling more competitive, anyone who gets stumped can drop out. Just remember to make sure the game is still fun for everyone! If you decide to play the competitive version of the game, make sure to pair small children with adults so that they play together. 

How To Make Christmas Fun For The Whole Family

There are just so many great games to play at Christmas with your family. Here we’ve included our favourites, but you can also play Christmas Trivia, a Christmas edition of Would You Rather, Christmas Minute To Win It, and so many more! The important thing to remember is to include everyone and to focus on quality family bonding time. 

One way to make Christmas family games even more fun and memorable is to do something extra to make the occasion feel special. A hugely popular way to do this that’s becoming a tradition with more and more families is by orderingChristmas Family Shirts for everyone to wear for game playing!

Matching family Christmas shirts elevate your chosen holiday activities to make them feel like a really celebratory occasion. Coordinated, personalized, or matching Christmas Family Shirts memorialize your holiday season and strengthen family relationships. They’re a symbol of the fun and frivolity of your game playing and the togetherness that your family enjoys during the activities. Make your holiday game playing extra happy and festive this Christmas season with your choice of:

Do you have other favourite family Christmas games that you play each year? What are some other ways that you make the holidays feel festive for your family? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments, and have a very merry Christmas! 

Pablo Zambrano
Pablo Zambrano

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