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Birthday Girl Party Ideas

June 02, 2020 2 min read

Birthday Girl Party Ideas - GiddyBees

Birthday parties are a fantastic and fun time to share with your daughter, it is a special event where you celebrate the importance of her in life.

As such a beautiful moment it is important to organize an amazing and unique party for your daughter, so below we will share some ideas that you can use at the birthday party.


This is one of the things that should be planned in advance, you should ask your daughter who she wants to invite to her birthday party and then start with some creative ideas according to the theme of the party, for this you can use cardboard, colors, watercolors and even magazine clippings to create a beautiful invitation card, if you want to do something more original you can get glass bottles or small boxes where you can decorate them with ribbon bows and put the invitation inside

Birthday accessories

You can match your daughter's birthday party with fun accessories such as birthday mermaid shirts or unicorn birthday shirts, crowns, hats, ties or magic wands, you can buy them or if you want to spend time with your daughter you can create fun designs that guests can use in their celebration. 

Party food

In case you want to prepare a delicious meal to share on your daughter's birthday we recommend preparing some assorted mini-sandwiches (ham, cheese, chocolate ...), bags of potatoes, popcorn and other salty snacks, it is not necessary to get too complicated you can create funny figures with the snacks to surprise the guests-


The candy tables are ideal for children to eat while playing. You can make centerpieces with sweets, cupcakes, cookies, although you can also have more options for your daughter's birthday party with healthy ideas such as fruit popsicles, jelly, fruit salad and so everyone can enjoy a special occasion in a way healthy. The cake is also very important, so if you’re having a theme driven party maybe you might consider an unicorn cake or mermaid cake.

Fantastic T-shirts

Your daughter's birthday party should be the best celebration, that is why we suggest you get funny birthday t-shirts, with funny, tender or related messages so that the whole family can use them, it will be a very special detail for your daughter and they will be able to use them in other opportunities

Activities and games

To make your daughter's birthday party a fun time, it is necessary to make an itinerary of activities, although the venue is outdoors or inside your house you can develop creative activities that can entertain your guests, some of them They can be: Rounds, songs, a set of glasses, etc, if you want you can also hire an entertainer to take care of the activities

Pablo Zambrano
Pablo Zambrano

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