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Baby shower gift ideas for dad and son

June 15, 2020 2 min read

baby shower gift ideas

A baby is as important to mom as it is to dad, in the midst of the many gifts for mom we forget that the commitment to be a father and the nerves of this new stage must be recognized, the celebration of the baby shower is a welcome for the baby and a congratulation for the opportunity that parents have.

A bond between a father and his child is special and unique. Words can't really explain it, it's something sweet and that's why we want to share with you the most creative, sweet and fun baby shower gift ideas for dad.

T-shirts for dad and baby

To surprise dad at the baby shower you can do it with a pair of matching shirts for dad and son, it is a very creative gift as well as fun, it will also be used with the son and do not worry about knowing which one you should choose because you will be able to find different styles, designs and phrases that will make your gift unforgettable.

Dad will love a present like this one: 

This beer lover shirt is pretty awesome for the two of them.You can clearly identify dad easily with awesome  this matching dad and son shirt. 

Tools kit

The life of being a parent is divided between diapers, love, baby bottles and also getting all the necessary things for the baby such as the crib, the playpen, swings, one of the perfect gifts is a tool kit to use at any time is a detail original and functional, to use constantly.

Accessory Belt

We know that the responsibilities of a baby are for mom and dad, in the midst of the multiple tasks that dad must take care of with his son, he always needs to have some things at hand such as the bottle, diapers, pacifier, toy, among others and for your comfort you can Give her a unique belt with different pockets, super elegant to facilitate baby care.

Custom mug

If what you want is to send a special message, it is appropriate to choose a mug to dedicate some fun phrases about this new experience, it is a simple, sweet and very useful gift that will accompany this dad for a long time remembering one of the most important celebrations of their life. 

Pablo Zambrano
Pablo Zambrano

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